Aviation Circular | Notice to Aircraft Owners and Operators

7th of September 2018, 5:54 PM

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba takes the opportunity to issue a clarification statement on the latest news circulating in the People’s Republic of China with regards to aircraft registered in the English Territories and Crown Dependencies, such as Guernsey (2R) or Isle of Man (M) regarding aircraft operations when flying over or entering EU territory, which may be subject in the near future to an import or VAT tax due to the UK exit from the EU (Brexit) and is creating confusion among aircraft owners and operators of Aruba registered aircraft.

Aruba is an island and constituent country located in the Southern Caribbean, and is one of the four (4) states that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands along with the Netherlands, Curacao, and Sint Maarten. In 1986 the Netherlands granted Aruba its self-governance (Status Aparte) as a fully autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Thus, Aruba is not a member state of the European Union or an EU territory, subject to any EU regulations or VAT taxation requirements for any Aruba registered aircraft flying into the EU or its territories, unless the aircraft is permanently based in any EU country.

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba is a fully independent authority and is not a member of EASA and is not subject to any EASA regulatory requirements. The Department of Civil Aviation is represented in ICAO by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Dutch Kingdom is only responsible under its constitution for Aruba’s Defense and Foreign Affairs.

We trust that the above clarification statement shall guide all owners and operators of Aruba-registered aircraft to gain knowledge of any notices that may offer confusion with regards to operating an Aruba Register aircraft in any EU country or territory.

For any further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba.

By IASO News Department